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A Fresh Take on a Classic Style 


Love Is Afoot! is a brand new, all-original, outlandishly funny, and completely ·out-of-the box’ musical romantic comedy feature film.

Set in the late 1940s and early 50’s, our movie will have the look, feel and ‘smell’ of the big MGM smash hits from that era. It’s a re-imagining of the classic Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire musical with updated subject matter that brings relevance and an edge to today’s savvy audience. Similar to recent Academy Award winners like ‘La La Land‘ and ‘The Artist,’ Love Is Afoot! pays homage to a bygone era, the Golden Age of Hollywood Musicals, but does so in a new and hilarious way. Adapted from the International award-winning short film Love Is Afoot! follows the life and times of Joe Smoot-Nibley. It’s the classic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl love story– turned upside down. Think ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ if it had been done by John Waters.

The music is outstanding! It’s an upbeat original score that’s belted out by a big band orchestra, yet still fits in with contemporary musical film and theater. Harkening back to the days when musicals ruled the box office. Love Is Afoot! will be shot in “Technicolor,” with costume and set designs straight from that nostalgic era. With a side-splitting, irreverent screenplay, familiar style and original catchy, toe-tapping songs, Love Is Afoot! has all the punch to be an instant classic. Want to see more? Sure! Please visit

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We are proud to have on board the following terrific actors:

Laura Bell BundyJumanji/ Dreamgirls / Legally Blond


On Broadway, Laura Bell Bundy originated the roles of Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray and Ellie Woods in the musical version of Legally Blond. The later of which garnered her her first Tony nomination. She has also appeared on network TV shows such as Documentary Now, Heart of Dixie, Fuller House and her leading role as “Dr. Jordan Denby” on Anger Management. Her film work includes Dream Girls, Jumanji, Home Is Where The Heart Is and so many others. In addition to all of that, Laura Bell has released 5 albums with Achin’ & Shakin‘ debuiting at #5 on the Billboard Top Country Charts. Laura Bell will play the role of Iris in Love Is Afoot! which includes the song, Living the Dream. Already recorded, listen to her belt it out HERE.



Jerry Trainor –  iCarley / Wendell and Vinnie / Drake and Josh

Jerry Trainor has brought laughs to millions as Spencer on Nickelodeon’s break out hit iCarly. Jerry continues to enjoy a huge fan base that follows his every role. We are confident that he will help pack the theaters once Love Is Afoot! is presented to worldwide audiences.


 AJ Buckley – SEAL Team / Narcos / CSI NY (2004-2013)Justified

AJ Buckley continues to excite audiences.  He is currently staring on network TV’s number one drama, CBS’s SEAL Team and has appeared in countless other Television shows and movies. We are proud to have AJ on board, again! In 2006, AJ played the shoe salesman in “F” the short that Love Is Afoot! is adapted from.


Bryce JohnsonPretty Little Liars / Lone Star / Doctor Strange

Bryce Johnson broke in to the industry as Josh Ford in the Ryan Murphy hit series Popular. Most recently, Bryce can be seen in Pretty Little Liars. We are excited to have him on board and know that his energy and charming charisma will bring life to the character of, Buzz Nelson.



At its core, Love Is Afoot! is a love story about two childhood sweethearts and their struggle to be together.

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We tell this story through the eyes of Joe Smoot-Nibley and his journey for acceptance and quest to find his true “sole-mate.” Joe’s just a hopeless romantic in love with the girl of his dreams… and her feet. The girl is Rose Marie Pedals and it was love at first sniff. Rose Marie is beautiful on the inside and out. She adores Joe and understands his desires because she actually has her own “thing.” She loves having her feet sniffed, plus she’s obsessed with shoes- lots and lots of shoes. But being from different economic and social classes they are pulled apart again and again.

Giving in to pressures from her peers and family, Rose Marie finds herself unhappily married to the rich, popular jock leaving Joe to settle down with a true beast of a woman named, Millie Liskusky who treats him like dirt. Millie’s only redeeming quality is the extra digit on each of her oversized feet. But twelve toes aren’t enough to make up for the ten that got away.

With some sage advice and a little extra help from a magical shoe cobbler named, Luigi Belmonte, we follow our hero and heroine and a cast of crazy characters as they sing and dance their way through their incredible journey to find acceptance and true love! When the air stinks of romance… Love Is Afoot!

For CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS, please click the ABOUT tab above.

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In keeping with the stylistic intent of the film, the upbeat original music of Love Is Afoot! stays true to the era of the great Musicals of the 1940s and ‘50s: Big Band, Swing Beat and Hot Jazz.

The Love Is Afoot! Soundtrack contains 12 original songs plus 4 instrumentals.

All the songs were written composed by the incredibly talented Perry Sachs (Saturday Night Live, Happy Madison, The Jim Henson Company) and jazz legend, Kevin Guillaume. The demos have been arranged and recorded by our Music Producer, Tim Davis (Glee, ABC’s Boy Band).  There’s no one better than Tim and his team; they are KINGS in late 1940s hot jazz.

While our irreverent comedy may be the yoke that steers Love Is Afoot!, music is the engine that makes it fly!



The Love Is Afoot!  Songs

(In order of appearance in the musical)


Learn more about the the music !

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The Producers


Love Is Afoot! will be produced by, and Love Stinks, LLC will be managed by, laceyface productions, Inc. and its Principals.  Love Stinks, LLC was formed recently for the sole purpose of producing and commercializing, Love Is Afoot!    laceyface Principals have invested their own funds and have several Angel investors committed to develop the feature film.  

The hilarious screenplay was written by the comedy team of Perry Sachs, SNL alum, and sweet ass, Michael LaFata (see more below).   The original 12 song soundtrack was written and composed by the incredibly talented jazz composer, Kevin Guillaume and Perry Sachs.  The songs are now being perfected by Tim Davis, vocal arranger/producer and contractor for TV’s Glee, with an assist from jazz musician, Tony Guerrero, currently both on tour throughout America with See Jane Sing with Jane Lynch.

Tony nominated Broadway and film star, Laura Bell Bundy brings her incredible energy, talent and experience to the Love Is Afoot! team. Not only an amazing actress and singer, she’s a seasoned producer who understands the demands of a musical. Laura Bell will also be taking on the featured supporting role of Iris, the lead character’s Mom in the musical. The role includes a song, Living the Dream.  Wait till you hear her sing this jazzy “Andrews Sisters-esque” style ditty.

This Love Is Afoot! team is still growing. Come back again to see more additions…


Individually, what Perry Sachs and Michael LaFata bring to the table is immeasurable. In addition to 20+ years of writing, directing and producing comedy, Perry brings with him more than a decade of musical composition and production expertise as well as an adamant passion and exceptional knowledge of Broadway and classic film musicals. Michael also has years of comedic skill from both in front of and behind the camera as a writer/producer.  But it is his knowledge and experience from the world of finance/business that sets him apart from your average starving artist.

Since 1997 when the gods of jest brought the two together at The Acme Comedy Theater in Hollywood, Perry and Michael have teamed up for one hilarious project after another.  Once they decided to re-imagine their breakout short film “F” into a full-length musical feature, they brought aboard their old friend, master composer, Kevin Guillaume.  While most producers run from words like “ambitious” and “ground breaking” Perry and Michael have always worked hard to push each presentation beyond the conventional limits.  With Love Is Afoot! these two visionaries will break through the boundaries of what people expect from a low budget musical film.



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